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Where to Buy BlackBerry Smartphones & Accessories

Find out where to buy BlackBerry® smartphones and accessories for your smartphone.

Please contact your carrier or retailer for information on price.

BlackBerry® 10 Smartphones

BlackBerry Smartphones
(with plan)

Select a carrier to see which BlackBerry smartphones with a plan they offer.

BlackBerry® 10 Smartphones

BlackBerry 10 Smartphones

Visit ShopBlackBerry to buy unlocked smartphones direct from BlackBerry.

BlackBerry® Accessories


Personalize your BlackBerry device to fit your
lifestyle with cases, skins, headsets and more.

Facebook® for BlackBerry® smartphones

Facebook® for BlackBerry® smartphones makes it even easier to connect with friends

Business software

Get the most out of the BlackBerry smartphones in your company.

* All devices require new 2-yr activation

** SIM-Free devices come plan/contract free, allowing you to decide what SIM card to use in them. Most plan/contract SIMs will work in unlocked devices.