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Just click ‘Print’

Seamless integration with your preferred PC programs

With the complimentary desktop driver, Print To Go integrates as a printer option in all your favourite desktop applications. Securely send presentations, websites, hotel confirmations, boarding passes, documents from design programs and more to your PlayBook.

Seamless integration with your preferred PC programs

Simple digital printout management

View, sort and manage your digital printouts as though they were physical sheets of paper. Mark your favourites and keep important papers together by creating virtual piles for easy access on the go. Notifications will remind you when you have an unread item needing review, and when you no longer need a digital printout, simply hit delete to shred it.

Digital printouts remain safe and secure

Your digital printouts are securely encrypted on your PC or laptop and wirelessly pushed to your PlayBook over Wi-Fi®. Support for BlackBerry® Balance™ technology ensures corporate data isn’t compromised as these digital printouts are kept on a secure partition of your PlayBook.


Use Print To Go in 3 easy steps

  • Step 1

    Download and install

    Print To Go STEP 1

    After you’ve updated the software on your tablet to BlackBerry® PlayBook™ OS 2.0, you’ll need to install the driver on your PC or laptop. Once installed, Print To Go is added as a virtual printer on your computer and available as an option in all your favourite programs.

  • Step 2

    Print to your PlayBook

    Print To Go STEP 2

    Open a file on your PC or laptop, select ‘print’ and then Print To Go from your printer’s drop-down menu. After an initial pairing process using your BlackBerry® ID, all printouts will be wirelessly sent to the PlayBook.

  • Step 3

    View and manage digital printouts

    Print To Go STEP 3

    Your digital printouts will appear in the Print To Go app on your PlayBook just as if you had printed them on paper. Create your own folders and drag-and-drop your digital printouts for instant organisation of all your critical data.

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